Internet Service in Starr Farm Beach

BT has the fastest speeds in Burlington. Period. New tech is developed each day to digitize much of your daily routine. But over time, adding devices to your home network leads to slower connections. With gigabit internet, you’ll be ready for anything!


1 Gig

Large, connected families.
HD streaming- 4K, gaming.
Remote or work from home.
Ideal for IOT enthusiasts.

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300 Mbps

Small families. Lots of
devices & streaming.
Perfect for smart homes.

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150 Mb

What roomies need!
Stream your favorite
shows, movies and more.

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5 Mb

Single living.
Great for email & surfing.
Connect on social media. Only available in certain areas.

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Fastest Speeds in BTV

Are you getting the fastest speeds in Burlington? BT offers the fastest internet connection in every corner of your home. With WiFi that is optimized for your home, allowing high-speed internet for all your devices, at the same time.
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Smart WiFi

Getting a great WiFi signal everywhere you want it in your home can be a real challenge. That’s why BT offers SMART WiFi service to meet all of your connection needs. Leveraging the latest advancements in WiFi technology, SMART WiFi takes your online experience to new heights. Includes advanced network support and remote assistance. Learn More
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Cut The Cord

Cord-Cutting is an alternative, internet based way to stream all your tv and movie entertainment. It takes a lot of bandwidth… luckily, that’s what BT does best! Click below to learn more about cord cutting and our Cord Cutting Test Lab.
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Residents of Starr Farm Beach can have high-speed internet on a locally operated fiber-optic network from Burlington Telecom. Play your favorite video games, stream the latest movies and TV shows, and download or stream various popular podcasts and music with one of the leading TV service providers.

Wireless Internet in Starr Farm Beach, Burlington, VT

Burlington Telecom sets itself apart from other internet service providers with its range of services, customer service, and superior internet speeds. Depending upon your activities and the number of people in the house, you may need more than the minimum speed or bandwidth. We’ll help you to understand the difference and how to determine the right service plan for you.


Understanding Internet Speeds

Your internet speed determines how quickly you can upload or download data. It can be affected by the activities and number of devices on your network at any one time. If you’ve ever tried to access a website and waited impatiently for it to come up, that could be because your internet speed is slow. If your speed is much faster than you need, you could be paying more than you should for your internet service. 

Determining Your Family’s Bandwidth Needs

Bandwidth is how much data can be uploaded or downloaded at one time, measured in seconds. 25 Mbps would mean that you can receive up to 25 megabits of data per second. To illustrate, think of data like cars on a highway. If all the vehicles are going the same speed on all available lanes, you would not be able to go faster unless a new lane is added. 

To determine the speed and bandwidth that is right for your family, divide the speed from the plan you consider by the number of devices on your home network. The goal is for the result to be between 25 and 40 Mbps. If you are a single person or a home where only one person uses a device at any one time, then the minimum of 25 Mbps should be sufficient. If you are a family of four and everyone has a phone and a computer, you will want to increase your plan to at least 200 Mbps to hit 25 Mbps for each person.

Your needs ultimately depend not just on the number of devices but your usage. The following examples of activities and minimum download speeds should help you estimate your needs per device:

  • Browsing and email – 1 Mbps
  • Streaming videos – 3-40 Mbps
  • VoIP calls – 0.5 Mbps
  • Online learning – 25 Mbps
  • Working from home – 25 Mbps
  • File downloads – 10 Mbps
  • Social media – 1 Mbps
  • Zoom meeting – 1.5 Mbps
  • Video streaming – HD – 5-8 Mbps
  • Ultra HD – 25 Mbps
  • Gaming – 4-8 Mbps (Though this is the minimum, 10-25 Mbps are recommended for more consistent and efficient gaming.)

Remote Working and Learning

As we’ve all learned recently, having the whole family at home with multiple devices online at once can put a strain on a home network that doesn’t have sufficient speed or bandwidth. Though every family’s needs may vary, if you are working from home while your kids are doing online school, you could need to rethink your plan. We recommend a plan with a minimum of 100 Mbps. 

How You Can Check Internet Speed

Sometimes your internet speed may seem to fluctuate. This can be due to several reasons.

Connection Type

There is a huge difference in connection types. Older technologies like DSL or dialup have a fixed bandwidth, while others have variable speeds. Other connection types are cable, wireless, satellite, cellular, and fiber. We use fiber for the highest, most reliable internet connection speeds. Fiber internet has symmetrical speeds so the upload and download will be the same.


If you’ve ever noticed that your internet seems to slow down when everyone gets home from work or school, you’ve experienced what additional traffic can do for your growing experience. Just like too many cars on the freeway at rush hour, things can slow down when everyone’s competing for bandwidth.

Outdated Equipment

As technology advances, equipment must be updated and refreshed to keep up. If you are still using old equipment, it may be time for an update. 


If your location is remote, your distance from your internet service provider or hub may affect how fast the data is transferred. 

Router Location

Consider where you put your router carefully. Placing it near microwaves or other electronic devices, thick walls, or in a closet can weaken the signal, impacting your internet speed. Putting it on the floor is also not optimal, as other signals interfere. 


To check your internet speed, use our convenient speed test.


Fast, Reliable Fiber Internet in Starr Farm Beach, Burlington, VT

Fast internet speed can mean different things for different people. The team at Burlington Telecom is here to help you determine what fast internet means for your family, whether you are a family working and learning from home or a single person who loves to game in your spare time. We provide cutting-edge technology to bring you the best speeds with the latest modems and routers. When you are ready for dependable connectivity at a reasonable price to power your WiFi-enabled devices, contact us today.

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