Fast, reliable WiFi in every corner of your home!

Leveraging the latest advancements in WiFi technology, BT’s Smart WiFi takes your online experience to new heights with:

  • Simultaneous 4K video streaming on multiple devices with blazing fast speeds.
  • Unmatched reliability for home office and remote workers – video conferences have never looked better.
  • Outstanding range and performance blankets your whole home with WiFi – mesh wireless units also available.
  • Safe and protected, with remote technical support, advanced software to diagnose entire home network.
  • Smart device app gives you more control of your network – change passwords, separate guest network, parental controls, and more.
  • Cord cutting device setup.  Stream all of your favorite music, shows, and movies in any room.

The home of the future is already here!

Think of everything at home that’s already connected to the internet. Between a laptop or two, tablets, smartphones, streaming sticks and gaming consoles.  If you then want to connect smart plugs, smart lights, a smart speaker and a smart lock, your WiFi can slow to crawl or even kick off devices to accommodate others.  BT’s Smart WiFi is a powerful system that give your entire house a strong, reliable WiFi signal, supplying optimal performance for all of your smart home tech.

The Gear

The GigaSpire U4 BLAST is more than a home gateway; it is a next generation residential broadband device. Leveraging the latest advancements in WiFi technology.  For larger homes, the GigaSpire U4 BLAST can be combined with up to four U4Mesh units to ensure you have outstanding WiFi coverage no matter where you are in your home; even in your garage and backyard.  The U4Mesh units work with the GigaSpire U4 BLAST to cover your home in a seamless “mesh” of WiFi. They’re small, easy to set up, and faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi extenders.

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