Burlington Telecom to Remain Net Neutral Regardless of FCC Ruling

Earlier this year, Congress repealed internet privacy rules and Burlington Telecom re-committed to never collect, share or sell sensitive personal data about our customers.

In July, Burlington Telecom joined the national battle to preserve net neutrality by participating in an internet-wide day of action opposing FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai’s work to undo key consumer protections that prevent American internet customers from facing new fees, website blocking, and traffic throttling.

We were one of only 40 Internet Service Providers to sign a letter demonstrating that Burlington Telecom does not see eye-to-eye with large, national media conglomerates or the current trajectory of the FCC.

On Cyber Monday, we joined over 200 internet businesses in another letter testifying to the power of an open internet to encourage entrepreneurship, drive innovation, make our lives easier, and support a healthy economy.

And just last Tuesday, Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger joined over 50 other mayors from around the country to characterize the FCC’s current proposal as an attack on “the constitutional principles that lie at the heart of our system of government” by eliminating state and local authority to regulate abusive service provider practices.

We believe an open internet is essential to education, innovation and economic growth.

Burlington Telecom remains in full support of the current Open Internet Order and its solid legal foundation under Title II of the Communications Act. It is our policy to use reasonable, non-discriminatory network management practices to improve overall network performance and ensure a high-quality online experience for all users. Regardless of what the FCC may decide, Burlington Telecom will continue to follow the principles of net neutrality, and Schurz Communications will continue these net neutrality commitments upon completion of the Burlington Telecom sale process.

  • Burlington Telecom will Never Block or Throttle consumer access to lawful Internet content.
  • Burlington Telecom will Never Use Sensitive Consumer Data without consent for marketing.
  • Burlington Telecom will Never Sell consumer data to third parties.
  • Burlington Telecom will Never Engage in unlawful or anti-competitive discrimination against websites, streaming video services, and voice applications that may compete with traditional services Burlington Telecom offers.
  • Burlington Telecom will Never Offer Pay-for-Priority

Burlington Telecom pledges to continue investing in our network to give customers the internet speed, capacity and services they desire most.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Abbie Tykocki
Burlington Telecom

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