In the wake of the Senate’s vote to repeal FCC Privacy Rules, BT reminds customers of policy

In October of 2016, the Federal Communications Commission adopted rules that would require broadband Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to protect the privacy of their customers. The rules ensured that broadband customers would have meaningful choice, greater transparency and strong security protections for their personal information collected by ISPs.

The rules required ISPs to obtain “Opt-In” consent from consumers to use and share sensitive information including web-browsing history, financial information, health information, social security numbers, and more. On March 23, 2017 the U.S. Senate passed a vote on a joint resolution to disapprove these rules.

This troubling vote will not affect Burlington Telecom customers, as it remains our policy not to collect, share or sell any sensitive personal information about our customers.

The relentless pursuit of exceptional customer service is part of Burlington Telecom’s DNA. Our mission is to provide each and every customer with an exceptional service experience and to define what a local service provider should be through good corporate citizenry. Our pricing is completely transparent and we do not engage in gimmicks, promotional pricing, upselling or long contract terms.

For more information on Burlington Telecom’s Privacy Policy and Net Neutrality disclosure, please visit

March 27, 2017
Abbie Tykocki
Burlington Telecom

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