We all love watching TV and movies, that won’t change. But what will change (and has changed) is the way we watch it.

You have probably heard of a smart TV that offers built-in entertainment services with the click of a button on your remote. This can include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and more (if you’re a subscriber, you can have access to these services). It’s a convenient option for all your on-demand needs, some of these streaming services even have exclusive content that you cannot get from your cable provider (trust me, there is a lot of great exclusive, original shows and movies out there…don’t miss out). Do you not use these steaming services or steam and pay for cable? Well, let us introduce this thing called “Smarter TV”,

Smarter TV is a smarter way to watch your favorites. You’re probably wondering what exactly can make your TV smarter. Let’s start here: the number of Internet tv providers/streaming providers are on the rise, making it easier than ever to watch tv the way you want (including live TV)! No more are you locked into a cable package filled with channels you never watch at costs that seemly never stop going up. Finally, you can take control of the shows you want to watch, on the devices you want to use, without being tied down to an outdated cable package. Free your TV from cable (and you can even improve your streaming experience with faster, more reliable internet with the money you save). Quit cable, switch to streaming. This is Smarter TV!

You also don’t need a smart TV to access these streaming services. You can buy an add on to your TV such as a Roku Device, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast and so much more! While you can watch TV shows and movies-on-demand, you can also enjoy the live TV you loved from your cable provider, at a much more affordable price. The best part? You’re totally in control of what streaming services fit your needs with live TV, on-demand shows and movies you want the most. No contracts, no hidden fees, different subscriptions/price options, monthly payments, and more. The power is literally in your hands, isn’t that awesome?

Want to learn more? Contact us at smartertv@burlingtontelecom.com. We will also have additional material on this coming soon along with workshops to help you learn more about switching to Smarter TV. We can’t wait to help you switch to Smarter TV!

– The Burlington Telecom Smarter TV Team

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