BT Works Toward Completion of Fiber Footprint

The Burlington Telecom offices are just a quick walk from City Hall Park, where our community gathers under the shade of stately trees for farmers markets, rallies, concerts, and weekday lunch breaks.  Our location in the heart of the Queen City keeps our origin story at the front of our minds: a fiber network created by the People of Burlington for the People of Burlington. 

Our mission and our services are rooted in Burlington’s longstanding commitment to creating the greatest economic opportunities for all its citizens. In 2003, we believed that, like the tree roots running under City Hall Park, a fiber network running under the city was integral to laying the groundwork for growing those opportunities. We still believe it today.

High-speed internet is fundamental to full participation in everything our community has to offer—not just for enjoying online newspapers and your favorite Netflix shows but for getting quality employment, managing healthcare options, and educating our youth. And studies increasingly show that access to broadband internet improves outcomes for both individuals and communities.

Anyone who has job hunted in recent years won’t be surprised to learn that searching online for a job results in faster re-employment than performing a job search without the internet. In fact, simply having internet in their home increases the likelihood that an unemployed worker will be re-employed within a month. The community benefits too—not just from having more employed people. Communities with broadband internet, specifically fiber, have higher GDPs than communities without. And communities with access to residential fiber have higher home sales.

At speeds faster and more reliable than standard broadband, fiber networks improve employer retention and new employer attraction, meaning more jobs are available for the local community.

Enhancing the programs and services of our community and working with local businesses have always been core to our values as a local service provider. Gigabit internet should not be a luxury available only to those with a hefty paycheck, and we are proud to participate in programs that reduce the cost of high-speed internet for those families that cannot afford it. With our fiber running deep underneath this community, we’re working to reach more homes and businesses—to support growing connections and greater opportunities for all of us.

Already our network engineers have laid fiber throughout Burlington’s downtown core, an area previously under-served by BT. Our focus now is in the New North End, with Fairmont Place and Ethan Allen Shopping Center coming online in June 2017. July brought us to Borestone Lane and Rivers Edge Drive and our crews are currently hard at work at Northshore. Next up? The Village Green neighborhood. We’re not done yet!

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