It’s almost Spring in Burlington and there are bumps and babies everywhere! Becoming a parent is simultaneously one of the most breathtaking and challenging times in a person’s life. It’s amazing to watch a child grow but, challenges arise daily that can make even the simplest of tasks seem insurmountable. Luckily, the world has no shortage of innovative moms and dads developing tools each day that leave new parents constantly asking “How did we ever survive without *insert name of life altering parenting hack*!?” Here are 10 instances of Baby Tech that you might want to budget for if your bundle of joy is arriving this year.


BABYLIST APP – Figuring out what you need to buy before baby arrives can quickly become overwhelming and expensive. The folks at BabyList  have created the perfect App to order all the items you’ve been dreaming of in one convenient place. Available for IPad, IPhone, IPod touch; BabyList Baby Registry is the one of a kind app that allows you to create your very own baby registry to share with family and friends. Use it to inspire the perfect gift for your baby shower, or simply to organize your hectic shopping list. (Free)




AVA – Ovulation Tracking Bracelet  Before and after pregnancy the physical health of the mother is extremely important. AVA is a cycle tracking bracelet that is worn while sleeping which allows women to detect their fertile window in real-time. It is said that woman only have 6 days in a month when it is possible to conceive. AVA detects 5.3 of them with an 89% accuracy, doubling your chances of getting pregnant! It works by calculating your resting pulse rate, skin temperature, heart rate variability ration, sleep, perfusion, breathing rate, movement, heat loss, and bioimpedance. After pregnancy AVA can continue to improve your lifestyle by allowing you to notice patterns in your health over time. ($199)



WILLOW BREAST PUMP – Breast pumping can be an all-consuming task. Most machines are noisy, painful, uncomfortable, and hard to clean. Willow is the first discrete mobile breast pump that collects milk from inside your bra. It works quietly and is hands free with no external cords or tubes to allow mothers to move freely and perform get more done in a day. Grocery shopping? Typing? Conference Calls? No problem. It also syncs to your phone to track your milk volume in real-time and transitions to the expression phase automatically. Additionally, it lets you compare your data from past pumping sessions and set alerts and reminders to your phone. (Coming This Spring- TBA)



OWLET SMART SOCK – Once your child is born their safety and health will never leave your mind. This is why Owlet invented their Smart Sock which is designed to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep, and is programmed to alert you on your phone in the event that your baby’s vitals fall out of range. This gadget will not only allow you to monitor your baby’s health, it could provide peace of mind. In fact, 83% of parents that use the Owlet Smart Sock report having better sleep. ($249.99)




ARISTOTLE BY NABI – When your kid outgrows the 3 different sock sizes offered by Owlet, do not panic! Nabi has the perfect all in one baby monitor, Aristotle. This smart monitor acts as a Bluetooth speaker/ digital assistant, smart light, sound machine, and baby monitor. It has a HD quality video camera with a 130-degree viewing angle, night vision, cry detection and two-way audio which can all be accessed from your phone. You’ll be reassured of baby’s safety whether you’re in the next room or treating yourself to a well-deserved night out. (Out July 2017, $349.99)




DOCKATOT + CLOUDTOT – The DockATot is a multi- functional docking station for your baby great for playing, resting, changing or bed transitioning. However, when paired with the CloudTot it becomes a wonderful gadget that ensures your baby’s safety and health throughout his or her day. When the internal pad and the smart sensor are paired with your phone, parents receive notifications and alerts that inform them on their child’s well-being. It tracks the baby’s heart rate, their motion, the wetness of the fabric on the dock, and the temperature of the environment. It also has a speaker and microphone so you can hear when your baby is uncomfortable and sooth them with their favorite song or sound. (DockATot $165, CloudTot – TBA Summer 2017)



4 MOMS SELF-INSTALLING CAR SEAT – The 4moms self-installing car seat is the Ferrari of car seats. It includes numerous features and revolutionary systems that are re-shaping our expectations in safety and design. In fact, it installs itself correctly and adjusts tensions and levelling throughout travel, exceeds safety standards enforced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and connects to your smartphone to provide invaluable information like: real time safety alerts, reminders to change head set and harness settings based on fluctuations in your child’s weight, height or projected growth. It also alerts you when the car seat is left in the vehicle to prevent parents from forgetting children in the back seat. ($499.99)



TYTOHOME by TYTOCARE – Being sick stinks! And it’s hard enough to drag your kids to the doctors when they are healthy, let along when they are sick and in pain. TytoHome has redefined the way we perform comprehensive medical exams by allowing families to complete telehealth visits anytime and anywhere.  When connected to your smart phone or tablet you are able to send heart rate, lung, ear, skin, throat, temperature, and abdomen exams to clinicians for a diagnosis. Granting you piece of mind without having to leave the comfort of your home. (Pre Order $299)




WINNIE – Traveling to a new city and you don’t know any kid friendly places? No problem. The Winnie App is designed to help parents get the information they need to find the “crème de la crème” when is comes to children welcoming environments. Discover awesome places to play and meet new friends like the best libraries, parks and playgrounds, or find restaurants that are family-friendly for an easy-going meal! (Free)





HELLO EGG – With an infant at home, it can seem impossible to keep the home stocked with healthy, easy-to-prepare meals. HelloEgg is the ultimate kitchen gadget. It helps you plan your weekly meals based on your dietary preferences, organize your grocery list, order groceries from produce delivery services, and provides you with video and voice instructions on how to prepare meals. You will never go hungry again! (Summer 2017, TBA)




Written by: Ginevra Marengo – Millennial, UVM Senior & BT Intern
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