RETN Launches New HD Channel 216 on Burlington Telecom

Burlington, VT:  The Regional Educational Television Network (RETN) has launched a new High Definition cable channel on the Burlington Telecom system that will curate some of the best arts, culture and community programming created by local filmmakers and video producers. BTV HD is now available on Channel 216 and carries different programming than RETN’s current standard definition educational access channel found in the BT channel lineup at Channel 16.

“BTV HD will allow our viewers to enjoy high-quality local and regional content that will explore and showcase the best of Vermont arts and culture,” said RETN Executive Director Jess Wilson.

“We are fortunate to work with a community partner like Burlington Telecom to help make this happen,” Wilson added.

“We’re very pleased to include BTV HD in our lineup to all cable subscribers. RETN’s work provides a platform that is important to driving Burlington’s civic engagement and celebrates local storytelling,” said Burlington Telecom General Manager Stephen Barraclough.

BTV HD will create another TV outlet for local filmmakers to share their projects. This week the channel will premiere the work of first time filmmaker and Burlington resident Alec Julien. Julien’s experimental film Anonymous, explores the frustrations of unrealized ambition and the pleasures of strange partnerships and the creative endeavor.

“There’s just so much talent in and around Burlington, and there’s a constant stream of high-level creativity running through this part of the world. And that’s one reason why I’m happy that BTV HD is showing the film — the more we can show each other what we’re up to, the better,” said Julien.

“Creativity feeds on creativity — you show me something awesome that you’ve created, and it’ll inspire me to create something,” he added.

Julien’s film with premiere on BTV HD Channel 216 on June 29th at 8pm.

Founded in 1991, RETN works to make media and technology accessible for all students and lifelong learners to advance education and civic engagement.

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