Cutting the Cord

Being the intelligent Burlingtonian you are, you’re probably asking yourself…why on earth would the people who provide me “the cord” be telling me about cutting it?

Well, our primary motivation at BT is to keep our customers happy. We get that you still want to watch TV, just differently! And what better way to showcase our super-fast internet speeds than to help you figure it all out.

What is cord-cutting exactly?

Put down the scissors. You won’t actually be cutting anything. “Cutting the cord” means canceling a cable television subscription in favor of getting video over the internet from a streaming service like Netflix or Sling TV, among others. A related term, “cord shaving” involves moving to a lower tier of cable services to save money.

But, is it right for me?

The short answer is… it’s complicated. It depends a lot on what you like to watch. We want to help you discover which combination of devices and services work best for your viewing habits and budget. That’s why we built this guide and host 1-on-1 info sessions at our Cord Cutting Test Lab at our new location in the Ethan Allen Shopping Center (New North End).  There you can test out the latest and greatest in streaming devices and services to see if cord cutting is right for you!

For 1-on-1 appointments and/or more information or call 802-540-0007

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