Shining a Light on North Star Leasing

North Star Leasing has been a national equipment financing company for over 40 years in Burlington, VT. They help businesses all over the U.S. grow through their equipment leasing in many different industries and pride themselves in superior service.

North Star Leasing values providing customers with a personalized level of service, including no automated voicemail messaging.  Their website notes that “When you call North Star Leasing, you’re treated as a valued customer and not a number” (which simply put, is awesome).

In 2014, they saw themselves growing rapidly with no end in sight. As a result, in 2016, they moved into a 6,500 square foot office in Burlington and partnered with Burlington Telecom Business Services for their phone and Internet needs. Since then, they have continued to grow at an estimated average of 35% every year, along with increasing from 13 employees in 2014 to 39 employees today. They are continuing to add to their sales organization and as a result, building even better relationships with vendors.

When North Star Leasing moved into their new facility in 2016 they looked into different telecommunication providers and ended up going with Burlington Telecom. Due to the relationship they had formed with our team, North Star Leasing felt confident in what we had to offer their business. The biggest driving factors for them was the quality of service, competitive pricing, a business that was local and the close relationship that they were seeking with their telecommunications provider. When discussing their partnership with Burlington Telecom, Rick Royer, the VP of Sales & Marketing at North Star Leasing, noted that “The relationship has been phenomenal, the service has been incredible, and the support is terrific”.

When it  comes to how COVID-19 has changed the nature of how they operate, Royer said that “One of the neat features about the hosted PBX platform we have with Burlington Telecom is that when we suddenly decided that we needed to vacate our facility and move our employees to a work from home environment, the Burlington Telecom service we have was so simple.” Royer went on to say that “We simply unplugged our phones, brought them home, plugged them back into the internet, plugged our computers back into the phones and we literally went from within hours of having our entire group of employees working at home with our telecommunication services just as if we were in the office. Burlington Telecom’s team has been terrific with helping us navigate with that transition.” Royer went on to mention that some of their employees also have Burlington Telecom at home have been very happy with their internet connection during current times as well as compared to other providers. One of their employees resides in Winooski at a location we just started to serve, and we’re excited to expand.

We value our partnership with North Star Leasing and have enjoyed seeing them grow over the years. We’re not only their business telecommunications provider, but we are their cheerleader as well! Thank you, North Star Leasing, for being an awesome customer!

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