Burlington Telecom employee Sean Kio has been selected by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce to receive the 2018 “Above and Beyond” award.  This award highlights individuals who have gone “Above and Beyond” in their job, industry, or community work thus contributing to a more vibrant state for Vermonters to live, work, and play. Earlier this year, the Vermont Chamber of Commerce put out a call for nominations and Sean was selected as one of the nine recipients for this inaugural year of the award.

Sean has been with BT since August of 2016 and has shown through his work that he is more than willing to go “Above and Beyond”. His title is graphic designer, digital strategist, and webmaster… yet Sean is also currently BT’s leading expert on cord-cutting technology. He leads weekly classes to help all Burlington residents through the daunting transition of becoming a cord-cutter by educating them about the benefits of using video streaming technology instead of a traditional cable package. Additionally, Sean is active in the Burlington tech scene, supporting organizations like BTV Ignite and Champlain College Esports.

It’s in his hometown of Enosburgh, however, that Sean has truly emerged as an Above and Beyond-er this year. While his family moved to Enosburgh just over a year ago, he is already a volunteer for the Enosburgh Community Recreation and Enosburgh Business Initiative. He also founded and chairs the new Enosburgh Technology & Innovation Committee, which will focus on the creation of a free community mesh internet network, digital inclusion programs, technology classes, awareness for technology-related resources, and building a co-working/creative space for entrepreneurs and remotes workers in the village. Just as he does in his professional work, wherever he sees a need, he eagerly jumps in to address it.  

Sean will be recognized for this award at the annual Vermont Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year and Above & Beyond Awards Dinner on Thursday, December 6. To learn more or purchase tickets to this event, visit the www.vtchamber.com.

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